Book Protect/perform
Protect/perform looks over a period of fifteen years in the development of Ann Van den Broek’s artistic career from modern dancer to renowned choreographer of award-winning dance productions. Based on conversations with author Marcelle Schots, reflections and many never-before-published photographs, it sheds light on the context that inspired Van den Broek to create her body of work.

Title Protect/perform
Subtitle On the work of | Over het werk van Ann Van den Broek - WArd/waRD
Format 17 x 24 cm
Pages 160
Binding softcover, premium stitched
Languages English & Dutch
Price € 27,50 (plus postage)

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The Lady in Black can be viewed on ‘uitzending gemist’
April 2, The Lady in Black, a documentary about Ann Van den Broek made by director Lisa Boerstra, was broadcasted on Dutch televison. Lisa Boerstra followed Ann for more than a year and a half. The documentary centres around the creative process of the production The Black Piece, but Boerstra also joined the company on its national and international tours of Co(te)lette, I SOLO MENT, We Solo Men, The Red Piece and Q61 Cemetery. The documentary shows that the intense and physically demanding productions are partly influenced by a stormy childhood. After seeing The Lady in Black it is clear how Ann, the person and the artist, is interlaced with her choreographies. “You get almost shockingly close to the choreographer and her dancers. However, the documentary also clearly reveals what a skilful theatre-maker Ann is.” (De Telegraaf)

You can still view the documentary via the website of ‘uitzending gemist’.

Zwaan (Swan) and Dioraphte Dance Award for The Black Piece
For the production The Black Piece, Ann Van den Broek has won the Zwaan (Swan) for the most impressive dance production of the season 2014/2015. She was presented with this prestigious dance award at the Dutch Dance Festival in Maastricht. The jury said of the production: “As in a camera obscura, in unfathomable blackness Ann Van den Broek uses pinpoints of light to make visible the tatters of five tormented lives. The chain of associations and emotions that this evokes lends an incredible depth. You want to follow everything, even that which you cannot see.”
The Zwanen (Swans) are awarded annually by the Dutch Association of Theatres and Concert Halls and are often regarded as the ‘Oscars’ of the Dutch dance world.

Ann Van den Broek has also received the Dioraphte Dance Award for The Black Piece. This award is given to a choreographer working in the Netherlands who has strong international potential. A jury of international programmers awards this prize to a choreographer whose work has made a strong impression on them at the Dutch Dance Festival.

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