Come & Join us during our 2-days workshop on May 13 and 14 in Antwerp
WArd/waRD is once again organizing a workshop about Ann Van den Broek’s movement language. A language that has been described as unique, raw, dynamic, radical and uncompromising. A dance form that primarily translates emotions and intentions into movement. A movement language that heavily blurs the boundary between performance and dance.

This intensive workshop is the ideal opportunity to get to know, or become further acquainted with, this specific dance style, the method and all other facets of Ann’s work. During this two-day workshop you will be channeling new and existing material, handling it repetitively and also work with texts, sounds and rhythm. See the workshop page for more information.

Book Protect/perform
Protect/perform looks over a period of fifteen years in the development of Ann Van den Broek’s artistic career from modern dancer to renowned choreographer of award-winning dance productions. Based on conversations with author Marcelle Schots, reflections and many never-before-published photographs, it sheds light on the context that inspired Van den Broek to create her body of work.

Title Protect/perform
Subtitle On the work of | Over het werk van Ann Van den Broek - WArd/waRD
Format 17 x 24 cm
Pages 160
Binding softcover, premium stitched
Languages English & Dutch
Price € 27,50 (plus postage)

Protect/perform is for sale at the performances or can be ordered by sending an email to

Zwaan (Swan) and Dioraphte Dance Award for The Black Piece
For the production The Black Piece, Ann Van den Broek has won the Zwaan (Swan) for the most impressive dance production of the season 2014/2015. She was presented with this prestigious dance award at the Dutch Dance Festival in Maastricht. The jury said of the production: “As in a camera obscura, in unfathomable blackness Ann Van den Broek uses pinpoints of light to make visible the tatters of five tormented lives. The chain of associations and emotions that this evokes lends an incredible depth. You want to follow everything, even that which you cannot see.”
The Zwanen (Swans) are awarded annually by the Dutch Association of Theatres and Concert Halls and are often regarded as the ‘Oscars’ of the Dutch dance world.

Ann Van den Broek has also received the Dioraphte Dance Award for The Black Piece. This award is given to a choreographer working in the Netherlands who has strong international potential. A jury of international programmers awards this prize to a choreographer whose work has made a strong impression on them at the Dutch Dance Festival.

WArd/waRD is celebrating
Fifteen years ago, Ann Van den Broek made her first choreography. Since then she has developed her own distinctive movement idiom. Her daring, original and confrontational productions have met with acclaim both at home and abroad. It has been an intense road for Van den Broek and her company. But after 15 years she’s still here and, more than ever, occupies a unique place in the current dance scene. And we are celebrating this with a special programme that will have its premiere in the Netherlands on 4 November in the Rotterdamse Schouwburg and in Antwerp on 26 November in ccBerchem.

WArd/waRD will take possession of every nook and cranny of the theatres it visits, sometimes for days, and transform them into inspiring festivals on the edge between performance and live exhibition. WArd/waRD will highlight the road it has travelled, while the company also looks ahead to the future. As curator, Ann Van den Broek will display her work in many different ways: her performances and productions, a photo exhibition, a concert, installations, pop-ups, films (The Co(te)lette Film and The Lady in Black) and workshops.

Her latest creation, Pushing The Wheel, will have its premiere during all this, while successful productions like Co(te)lette, Ohm, The Black Piece, I SOLO MENT and Phrasing the Pain will also be reprised. Then there is Ann & Guests, where Van den Broek will invite other creative artists and performers to join her, and present the solos created for her or by her. A varied programme that tries to come to terms with the void as well as the euphoria of 15 years of ceaseless exploration.

The Black Piece and Andreas Kuck nominated for Swan
The Black Piece is nominated for the Swan for the 'most impressive dance production' of the 2014/2015 season. The Swans are annual prizes awarded by the ‘Vereniging van Theater- en Concertgebouwdirecties (VSCD – Association of Theater and Music Hall Directorates). This is what the jury said about the production: “Like a camera obscura, Ann Van den Broek shows flashes of five tortured lives with measured beams of light in an unfathomable black space. The chain of associations and emotions this conjures, gives The Black Piece incredible depth. You want to follow everything, including the things you can’t see.”
This is the fifth time that WArd/waRD and Ann Van den Broek have been nominated for the most prestigious dance prize in The Netherlands. In 2008, Van den Broek was awarded a Swan for her production Co(te)lette.

Andreas Kuck is nominated for the Swan for the 'most impressive achievement in dance' of the 2014/2015 season for his contribution to The Black Piece. The jury’s motivation of the nomination: “Every pore of Andreas Kuck’s body exudes Ann Van den Broek’s dark movement idiom. However, his personality always shines through. The Black Piece highlights a new, more vulnerable side of this bewitching performer. A powerful, mysterious personality that simultaneously seduces and repels the audience.”

The Swans will be awarded during the Dutch Dance Festival at the beginning of October 2015 in Maastricht. The Black Piece will open the festival in a double bill with INSIDE OUT by Conny Janssen Danst, which is also nominated for a Swan.

Ward/waRD at YoYoGi with, among other things, pop-ups of Co(te)lette
This summer Ann Van den Broek will participate in YoYoGi, a project by Koen De Preter. YoYoGi is a free event during the Zomer van Antwerpen (Summer of Antwerp) and will take place every Sunday from July 5 through August 23 in the Rivierenhof Park. Every Sunday from 14.00 till 19.00 hrs. the park will be the place to meet for dancers, musicians, karateka and cosplayers. Together with Dansstudio Arabesque, WArd/waRD will present girl power with pop-ups of Co(te)lette. There will also be pop-up choreographies by Koen Augustijnen and Sarah Hadadia (Let’s Go Urban), workshops by Koen De Preter and Eastman (Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui’s company), mini-concerts by new bands from the music scene in Antwerp, singing sessions by the famous Dr. Song meets Allez, Chantez! That’s right, the park will be bustling with artistic activities!

Residency and The Black Piece during Station to Station in London
Recently WArd/waRD was invited to participate in Station to Station at the Barbican Centre in London. From June 23 through July 3, Ann worked on her new piece with a team of dancers, as well as with Gregory Frateur and Nicolas Rombouts of Dez Mona and with Bernie van Velzen. In addition, The Black Piece had sold-out performance in the Art Gallery on July 2.

All dance performances of Q61 Cemetery in Alkmaar have been canceled!
It is with great regret that we announce that we have been forced to cancel all performances of Q61 Cemetery in Alkmaar. We decided this on recommendation of the Alkmaar police department after members of WArd/waRD, employees of the cemetery and Karavaan Festival received serious threats. Karavaan and WArd/waRD regret not having had the opportunity to perform the piece and have a serious discussion about it.

On Friday, May 22, a resident of Alkmaar filed summary legal proceedings to prevent the performances from taking place. He actively involved the media, which then proceed to suggest there would be dancing on the graves. This is, of course, absolutely out of the question. There is absolutely no dancing on graves. The judge decided that the performances were allowed to continue. However, tension increased around the cemetery and the situation got out of hand.

The dance company and Karavaan both feel terrible about being pressured to cancel in the face of violence and threats. Art can be an excellent medium to approach subjects that are socially sensitive in a human and accessible manner. Q61 Cemetery is a location performance that touches on the role of death and loss in our lives with great respect, integrity and dignity. With this performance, Ann van den Broek wanted to give expression to the universal desire of dealing with death in life and was created after suffering a great personal loss and grief, the death of her brother.

On May 22, after announcing to ticket holders that the performance had been canceled, a discussion took place between members of the audience and Ann van den Broek, a number of her dancers, Dennis Meyer (Artistic Director of Karavaan) and Ilse van Dijk (Festival Director of Karavaan). Astonishment and disappointment predominated. Many of people had personal reasons for wanting to see Q61 Cemetery. The response of the spectators who attended the try-out of the performance, which did take place on Thursday evening, was very positive. In August of last year there were seven performances of Q61 Cemetery in three different cemeteries in Antwerp.

Dutch premiere of Q61 Cemetery
The Karavaan theatre festival will take place from May 3 through 31 in North Holland province. During this festival of unconventional theatre, Q61 Cemetery will have its Dutch premiere on May 22 at the Algemene Begraafplaats (General Cemetery) in Alkmaar. In 2011, Ann Van den Broek created the extremely personal dance production Q61. While she was creating Q61 she already felt the need to adapt the production for performances in cemeteries. The newly adapted production opened in August of last year in Antwerp and was subsequently performed at several cemeteries.

Lighting design prize for Phrasing the Pain

Last year, Ann Van den Broek created the piece Phrasing the Pain for 420PEOPLE, a dance company in Prague. Together with Adam Uzelac she also created the lighting design. Last April they were awarded the Lighting Design Prize during the Czech Dance Platform 2015. The international jury found the lighting design of Phrasing the Pain “clear, urgent and in perfect synergy with the concept of the piece”.

The Lady in Black can be viewed on ‘uitzending gemist’
April 2, The Lady in Black, a documentary about Ann Van den Broek made by director Lisa Boerstra, was broadcasted on Dutch televison. Lisa Boerstra followed Ann for more than a year and a half. The documentary centres around the creative process of the production The Black Piece, but Boerstra also joined the company on its national and international tours of Co(te)lette, I SOLO MENT, We Solo Men, The Red Piece and Q61 Cemetery. The documentary shows that the intense and physically demanding productions are partly influenced by a stormy childhood. After seeing The Lady in Black it is clear how Ann, the person and the artist, is interlaced with her choreographies. “You get almost shockingly close to the choreographer and her dancers. However, the documentary also clearly reveals what a skilful theatre-maker Ann is.” (De Telegraaf)

You can still view the documentary via the website of ‘uitzending gemist’.

The Red Piece in Taiwan
The Red Piece was performed from February 25 through March 1 in Taiwan as part of the Taiwan International Festival of Arts that took place in the National Theatre and Concert Hall of Taipei. All the performances of The Red Piece were sold out. Aside from WArd/waRD’s The Red Piece, the festival also included productions by Pina Bausch and Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, to name a few.

The Black Piece six four-star reviews!
The Black Piece had its premiere on 19 September 2014 in the Korzo theater in The Hague. The reviews of the production were overwhelming. Six reviews awarded it 4 stars, and the headline of the review in the NRC Handelsblad read: “Surealistic The Black Piece already a highlight of this dance season.” You can read some of the reviews. The Black Piece will tour the Netherlands and Belgium through April 2015. See all tour dates.

WArd/waRD is looking for a male dancer
Ann Van den Broek is looking for a male dancer to replace one of her dancers in various choreographies starting February 2015 through the end of December 2015, and who is also interested in participating in future projects. Audition is on 1, 2 and 3 December in Rotterdam. Apply before the 21 November 2014.

WArd/waRD international: Taiwan, Czech Republic, Poland
The Red Piece will be performed in Taiwan from 26 February through 1 March 2015. There will be four performances in the Taiwan International Festival of Arts in Taipei. In December, Ann will be travelling to Prague to create a new piece entitled The Travelling Pain Phrase (working title) for the Czech dance company 420PEOPLE, and on 21 December WArd/waRD will be in Krakow, Poland, with I SOLO MENT, performed by Cecilia Moisio and Dario Tortorelli.

Premiere The Black Piece
On September 19, The Black Piece by Ann Van den Broek will have its premiere in the Korzo theater in The Hague. After a creative process in both ccBerchem, Antwerp, and Korzo, The Hague, including an extensive series of previews, the time has come for the Dutch premiere of The Black Piece. In the weblog of ‘Den Haag Danst’, Ann delves into the rather extraordinary creative process of The Black Piece, for the most part in total darkness; her collaboration with cinematographer Bernie van Velzen and her special bond with Korzo. Bernie van Velzen also reveals a small tip of the iceberg.

Project Q61 Cemetery to be shown at various cemeteries in Antwerpen
In 2011 Ann Van den Broek created Q61, a very personal dance piece. During the process of creating she already felt the desire to adapt the piece so it could be performed in cemeteries. In August this wish will come true: between August 19 and 28 Q61 Cemetery will be performed several times in cemeteries in Wilrijk, Zandvliet and Ekeren in Antwerpen. The premiere of Q61 Cemetery wiil be at August 19 in cemetery Steytelinck in Wilrijk.

In Q61 Cemetery Ann Van den Broek will create a twilight zone, an area between heaven and earth. As if a door is opened and memories come flooding out. Taboos and emotions are acknowledged in a loving embrace. With the cemetery as backdrop, Q61 Cemetery slowly leads to a long, soft cry in an infinitely desolate, yet hopeful piece.

Click for performance dates.

WArd/waRD international
WArd/waRD does not perform only in The Netherlands and Belgium, but also regularly appears in theatres and festivals abroad. Next season WArd/waRD will be at the Tanzmesse in Dusseldorf (GER) from August 28 through 30; both The Red Piece and We Solo Men will be performed at the TANZtheater International Festival in Hannover (GER) on September 12 and 13; and I SOLO MENT will be at Cricoteka Krakow (PL) on December 21.

WArd/waRD on Facebook
For news and updates also check out our Facebook page.

Belgian premiere The Black Piece
On Saturday, June 14, The Black Piece by Ann van den Broek will open in ccBerchem in Antwerp. After a series of previews in Korzo’s studios in The Hague and during Made in Berchem in ccBerchem, Ann is gearing up for the Belgian premiere of The Black Piece.

In The Black Piece Ann Van den Broek takes audiences on a choreographic quest to find that other black. The black that constantly attracts, demands attention, is intriguing and makes a lasting impression. A group of dancers and a cameraman take spectators into the darkness. The camera divulges and unveils what would otherwise remain unseen and unheard. But at the same time The Black Piece makes you question what you see and makes you ask yourself if what you see is real. Images, lighting, movement, sounds, the soundscape of Arne Van Dongen, the voice of singer Gregory Frateur (Dez Mona), they all heighten the senses in The Black Piece and subvert expectations.
You can order tickets for The Black Piece on 14 June 2014 in ccBerchem at the website of the theatre.

The Black Piece in search of an audience for previews
Rehearsals for Ann Van den Broek’s latest production - The Black Piece - have started. A production that heightens the senses and could undermine expectations. A group of dancers and a cameraman lead the audience into darkness.

Leading up to the Belgian premiere on June 14 in ccBerchem in Antwerp and the Dutch premiere on September 19 in The Hague, there will be four previews in the Korzo theater. A limited number of people can attend informal work-in-progress presentations in the rehearsal studio. Feedback will be highly appreciated and we hope the audience will attend at least a few, if not all the previews. Each preview will have a different theme, which will be announced the week before the preview.

Are you interested in seeing how The Black Piece is created, can you attend more than one preview and are you willing to give feedback to the creative process, you are welcome to attend on: Thursday March 20, Friday March 28, Wednesday April 30, Wednesday May 7 from 19.00 till 20.00 hours at Korzo in The Hague. Due to the limited number of seats reservations are required. So don’t wait too long! For reservations go to or call 070 363 75 40 (Mon-Sat. between 12.00-18.00 hrs.)

Davide Cocchiara winner of the Dance Audience Award 2013
Davide Cocchiara is the winner of the Dans Publieksprijs (Dance Audience Award) 2013. Cocchiara received the prize for his role in The Red Piece of WArd/waRD. The Dance Audience Award is organized by the website in collaboration with Culture Press and is possible thanks to Baak training and NTR Podium.

The Red Piece in top 5
The Red Piece is in the top 5 best performances of 2013 of the dance critic of the Dutch newspaper Trouw! Sander Hiskemuller writes: ‘In modern dance Ann Van den Broek outdid theirselves with The Red Piece: obstinate restlessness, compulsive drumming heels and poignant movement patterns as a representation of the human condition.’

Poster of The Red Piece nominated for 'Theaterafficheprijs 2013'
De Zagerij has been nominated for the Theaterafficheprijs 2013 (theater poster award) with their design for the poster of The Red Piece! Out of 200 entries ten posters were nominated for the award. The jury on the poster: ‘This poster is a good thing. The color is great and playful typography makes it complete. The crazy cut from the edge works well here.’
Unfortunately it was not enough to win the award. That honor went to the poster that Martin Pyper and Erwin Olaf made for the performance Corps of the National Ballet.

CD The Red Piece for sale
The music of The Red Piece, specially composed by the Belgian band Dez Mona is released on CD. One can hear pure passion, in various tones, in the extraordinary voice of Gregory Frateur. Newspaper Trouw about the music: “The songs by Gregory Frateur give The Red Piece its soul. Love is sacred fire, is to understand his words but also an emotion that is unpredictable and therefore feared.”

The CD is on sale after every performance and at concerts of Dez Mona. The CD is also online available.

Support WArd/waRD by purchasing unique crocheted items
After the performances you can purchase crocheted items that were made by the dancers and Ann Van den Broek during the creation of The Red Piece. Support WArd/waRD and buy a unique bracelet and/or necklace with a label of the maker attached to it for only €5,- or more.

Tim Persent in a solo by Ann Van den Broek
During FALL4DANCE, a varied weekend full of dance in Amsterdam, Tim Persent will dance a solo created for him by Ann Van den Broek in 2012: Solo for Tim 12:00. Tim Persent about Ann van den Broek: “Ann highlights the qualities of a dancer: a mix of power and fragility. Her work moves me deeply. That is why I asked her to create a choreography. Ann knew right away that she wanted to use the song by Editors, The Weight of the World, because the melancholic song corresponds with her feelings about me. Ann feels the lyrics are about someone who does a lot for the world, gets a lot in return, but at the same time has to sacrifice a lot.”
Solo for Tim 12:00 can be seen in Frascati, Amsterdam on Sunday, September 22 at 19.30 hrs. Solo for Tim 12:00 is a production of Holland Dance Festival, co-produced by Leine & Roebana and WArd/waRD The same programme also includes work by a.o. Nicole Beutler and Ted Brandsen. For tickets see the website of Frascati.

Absolutely Ann in The Hague and Ann's Factory in Utrecht
WArd/waRD’s season is off to a good start with two special programs focusing on the work of Ann Van den Broek from September 13-18 in the Korzo Theater in The Hague, and from September 19-21 in Theater Kikker in Utrecht!

Korzo opens the season with Absolutely Ann. Korzo has a strong relation with Ann Van den Broek and supports her from the beginning. Together with Ann, they put together a beautiful program: the production much praised by the press and acclaimed by the public, The Red Piece; a reprise of her production Ohm; a concert by her favorite band Dez Mona, which also composed the music for The Red Piece; a look in Ann’s Kitchen and a workshop.

Absolutely Ann
Korzo Theater, The Hague

13 and 14 Sep, 20.30 hrs. - The Red Piece
15 Sep, 14.00 hrs. - Workshop Ann Van den Broek
17 Sep, 20.30 hrs. - Ohm
18 Sep, 18.00 hrs. - De Keuken van Ann (Ann’s Kitchen), a theatrical dinner
18 Sep, 20.30 hrs. - Dez Mona concert

For more information and/or to reserve tickets go to the website of Korzo.

Theater Kikker has been a fan of Ann Van den Broek for many years now and therefore it is making quite a production out of Ann’s Factory. Over three days Theater Kikker will show part of her stunning oeuvre. Three dance gems: Co(te)lette, Ohm and The Red Piece, rounded out with films, talks with the artist and a workshop.

Ann’s Factory
Theater Kikker, Utrecht

19 Sep, 20.30 hrs. - Co(te)lette
20 Sep, 20.00 hrs. - Ohm, followed by: Wie is Ann Godverdoeme? (Who is Ann, God damn it?)
21 Sep, 12.00 hrs. - Workshop Ann Van den Broek
21 Sep, 19.30 hrs. - The Co(te)lette Film
21 Sep, 21.00 hrs. - The Red Piece

For the complete program and/or to reserve tickets go to the website of Theater Kikker.

Domestica nominated for most impressive dance production
The VSCD (Dutch Association of Theatre and Concert Hall Directors) has announced the nominations for the Zwanen (Swans) 2013. With their coproduction Domestica WArd/waRD and Dansgroep Amsterdam are nominated for Most Impressive Dance Production.
Domestica is choreographed by Ann Van den Broek and Krisztina de Châtel. The jury about the performance: 'the unique result of a merger of two generations of choreographers, each with a distinctive signature.'

It is already the fourth time that WArd/WArd - Ann Van den Broek is nominated for the Zwaan (Swan) for Most Impressive Dance Production. Earlier, E19 (richting San José), Co(te)lette and I SOLO MENT were nominated. With Co(te)lette she won the 2008 Swan. The Zwanen (Swans) will be awarded at teh Dutch Dance on October 6th.

The Red Piece selected for Dutch Dance Days
The Red Piece is, as one of the most acclaimed performances of last season, selected for the Nederlandse Dansfagen (Dutch Dance Days). The Dance Days are on 4, 5 and 6 October in Maastricht. The Red Piece will be performed on Sunday, October 6 at 3 pm at the Bordenhal in Maastricht.

(Avant) Première The Red Piece
The Red Piece is a dynamic and fiery choreography for six dancers. Point of departure is the passion contained in every emotion, how passion can smolder and the moment it spontaneously combusts into flames. For The Red Piece Ann Van den Broek is working with the Belgian band Dez Mona. The avant-première is on saturday May 4 in ccBerchem, Antwerp followed by a try-out on May 7 in the Chassé Theater, Breda. The première is on monday May 13 in Amsterdam. A tour is planned for the 2013/2104 season.

Weblog about The Red Piece
The creative process of he new creation The Red Piece is being chronicled by writer Irma Driessen. WArd/waRD has commissioned her to keep a blog.
The blog will show the creative process in words, photos and videos. Irma Driessen studied Industrial Design at the Delft University of Technology. She writes for a number of publications, including Tubelight and Domein voor Kunstkritiek (Domain for Art Criticism). In 2008 she won a Dutch Bloggie for her image blog. On her text blog she adds a new entry every day.

Dutch premiere KAMEPA during CaDance Festival in The Hague
On saturday January 26th, KAMEPA, a guest choreography Ann Van den Broek made for TsEKh in Moscow, has it's Dutch premiere during the CaDance Festival in The Hague. KAMEPA will be performed in Theater aan het Spui on saturday 26 January (9.00 pm) and sunday 27 January (8.00pm).
In Russian, Kamepa is pronounced camera, though it means cell. Ann Van den Broek was invited by dance organisation TsEKh in Moscow to create a performance. She took her powerful minimalistic movement style to Russia and made a new piece with seven dancers. A Russian guitarist, coached by composer Arne van Dongen, accompanies the performance. The seven dancers are locked up; a sense of oppression is never far away. At the same time they feel watched, as if a camera is recording their every move. Something is brewing. The abstract movements seem commonplace and vice versa, but the restrained emotions seep out on all sides. Daring, vulnerable, and compelling. See for more info and ticktes the site of the CaDance festival.

Successful première Das Blaue in Oldenburg
On Sunday December 16, the new choreography by Ann Van den Broek Das Blaue, had its première in Oldenburg (GER). Das Blaue is a creation that Ann made as guest choreographer for the dance ensemble of the Oldenburgisches Staatstheater in Oldenburg.
Aesthetically Das Blaue is inspired by an ice hotel and is situated in a hotel lobby. It is a meeting place for people, mostly impersonal, which can give an uncomfortable feeling and one does not know where the encounters start or end. In this cold room the dancers circulate individually in their own time pattern, with their own memories of experienced situations that come up and fade away again. One sees 11 individuals passing each other, alone, lonely with a yearning for contact and eventually ... warmth. The music composition was elaborated by Arne Van Dongen and is built around the song The Slow Drug by PJ Harvey. In this performance we work with live sounds that are integrated into the music composition.
The response of the audience was overwhelming. In December 2012 and January 2013 you can see Das Blaue in Oldenburg and from February 2013 in Bremen (GER).

WArd/waRD is looking for contemporary dancers (m/f), professionals and trainees, for the new dance production The Red Piece by Ann Van den Broek. There are auditions on Saturday 27 October 2012, at Korzo, Prinsestraat 42, The Hague (with possible recall Sunday 28 October 2012) or Saturday 10 November 2012, at ccBerchem, Driekoningenstraat 126, Antwerp (with possible recall Sunday 11 November 2012). The auditions will take place between 11.00 and 19.00 and will consist of repertory and improvisational tasks. We will make a pre-selection based on your application. Participation by invitation only.

WArd/waRD 2012-2013 season
During the 2012-2013 season WArd/waRD will be showing her productions and film in (inter)national venues:
On the 29th of August we perform We Solo Men during the International Tanzmesse in Dusseldorf (Germany).
The new production Domestica, a choreography Ann Van den Broek made together with Krisztina de Châtel starts touring from September till December 2012 in The Netherlands and Belgium. De Châtel and Van den Broek have strong professional and personal ties. Driven by their shared memories and creativity, they now engage in a dialogue in Domestica. Using their differences and similarities, they create a world that arises from the areas of tension in a place, a house, Domestica.
Last year we won an award with The Co(te)lette Film during Cyprus International Film Festival. Because of this award we are invited to perform Co(te)lette in the Dance House Lemeso on the 23rd of September.
Ann Van den Broek has been invited to make a guest choreography for the Oldenburgisches Staatstheater in Oldenburg (Germany). The première is on the 14th of December.
Reprises of the productions Co(te)lette, I SOLO MENT, We Solo Men and IN-side-OUT jamsessie.
In 2013 Ann Van den Broek starts to create her new performance called The Red Piece. It will be a dynamic and passionate choreography for 6 dancers. The starting point is the passion that dwells in every emotion, the passion smoldering in fire and when it explodes. The première will take place on the 13th of May 2013 in the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam.

Ann Van den Broek in Zagreb en Gdansk
In july Ann is participating Choreoroam as a workshop-leader in Zagreb. ChoreoRoam Europe is a EU platform of professional workers, dancers, choreographers and other artists such as writers, which aims to achieve a constructive dialogue within the profession, with the purpose of developing esential characteristics of artistic leadership skills. The project strengthens the artists’ mobility by encouraging dialogue between various cultures and within a wider social context, through a wide network of collaborants that spreads throughout Europe.

The Gdansk Dance Festival takes place in July. Ann is a Jury Member for the Baltic Movement Contest 2012 and she also gives two workshops during the festival for professional dancers.

Premiere Domestica on July 5 in Amsterdam
Ann Van den Broek and Krisztina de Châtel, are creating a new choreography together, Domestica. Ann and Krisztina have strong professional and personal connection: Ann worked for many years as a dancer at Dansgroep Krisztina de Châtel. Today she has acquired her own reputation as an innovative and successful choreographer.
Driven by their shared memories and creativity Ann and Krisztina dialogue with eachother in a joint choreography, with dancers of their two companies. They create, from their differences and similarities, a new world, reacting to each other’s movement language. There will arise a world of tensions that comes from a place, a house, Domestica.

The performance will premiere on July 5 during the Julydance festival in the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam followed by a widespread tour in the autumn of 2012 in the Netherlands and Belgium.

IN-side-OUT at Korzo, The Hague Sunday 3 June at 15.00 hrs.
On Sunday, June 3 at 15.00 hrs. WArd/waRD – Ann Van den Broek will take part in Korzo’s ‘All There Is’ programme. Ann will present her programme IN-side-OUT, which sprouted from a period of research. During that research period she created material that she will continue to develop the coming years. She concluded this period of research with a presentation titled IN-side-OUT.

With IN-side-OUT Ann has created an extraordinary programme. The dancers work with her on certain elements that originated during the research period. These elements will be explained to the audience by Ann herself and the dancers can be observed both on and off stage.

Inner emotions such as pain, fear and lust are translated by the dancers into a dance idiom that is typical of Ann. Assignments are executed on stage, their exterior/interior is on display as they perform what they were assigned to do. But it doesn’t end once the dancers leave the stage. Personal feelings are given free reign when they are off stage. What happens in the wings, in the dressing rooms, or even in the street? This inner world will be filmed and can be seen on a screen. How are inner and outer worlds related, how do they influence each other, and how does it affect the way we act and move?

May 26, 2012: première KAMEPA
On the 26th of May Ann Van den Broek’s new creation KAMEPA, a dance piece commissioned by TSEKH in Moscow (RU), will have its première. For this project she is working together with composer Arne Van Dongen.

KAMEPA is a Russian word that is pronounced as ‘camera’, but in translation it means cell. Incarceration and at the same time the association with the observation of a camera are the themes Ann is using for this piece.

Ann is working with 7 Russian dancers and is assisted by two regular WArd/waRD performers, Dario Tortorelli and Judit Ruiz Onandi. Arne Van Dongen is composing the music and coaching a Russian guitar player who will be performing the composition live during the performance.

KAMEPA will première in Moscow on the 26th of May at 18.00 hrs in the Aktovy Zal Theatre with a repeat performance on May 27. The production will also be performed on the 30th and 31st of May in Kostroma (RU).

The Co(te)lette Film available on iTunes
The Co(te)lette Film is now available on ITunes for only € 13,99 (rental € 3,99). The Co(te)lette Film is the film version of the dance production Co(te)lette. British director Mike Figgis was on board to direct this uncompromising film based on a concept and choreography by Ann Van den Broek.
The film was selected for more than twenty festivals and has won awards in Los Angeles (Dance Camera West - Best of Festival), San Francisco (Visionary Award), Nicosia (Best Dance Film) and Brussels (Festival l'Iselp - Prix du Film sur l’Art).

WArd/waRD special on the 19th of April at 20.30 in ccBerchem
On the 19th of april, WArd/waRD organizes, together with ccBerchem, a WArd/waRD special. Ann's dancers Cecilia Moisio and Dario Tortorelli will show their own work, Arne Van Dongen will DJ with soundscapes, The Co(te)lette Film will be screened (for those who has not seen the movie yet!) and during the party the WArd/waRD dancers will present themselves behind the DJ-turntables! An evening full of dance, music, film, rap, soundscapes and other surprises... Reservations can be made by ccBerchem.

March 22, 2012
The Visionary Award for the most innovative and provocative film during the San Francisco Dance Film Festival was given to The Co(te)lete Film. The jury about the film: "This controversial film was a great match for our progressive San Francisco audiences, and despite reports from other screenings, no one walked out! In fact, people were so transfixed we held an informal discussion afterward for which nearly half the audience stayed."

January 26, 2012
For the last performances of LIstEn & See Nhung Dam will be replaced by Emma Seresia because of an injury.

November 28, 2011
The première of LIstEn & See is coming Thursday (December 1st). Click here to see a short film of the rehearsels.

November 7, 2011
See the website of Flanders Image for an item about The Co(te)lette Film.

October 25, 2011

And again The Co(te)lette Film received an award. During the 11th Festival du Film sur l’Art in Brussels (B) the film won the award ‘Le Prix du Film sur l’Art’.

October 19, 2011
The Co(te)lette Film won the award for best dance film of the Cyprus International Film Festival 2011.

August 16, 2011
During the 2011/2012 season WArd/waRD will be showing nine productions and one film in (inter)national venues:
The new production LIstEn & See (a co-production with Toneelgroep Oostpool) will open in November 2011. It is a theater/dance production with four actors and five dancers, directed and choreographed by Marcus Azzini and Ann Van den Broek.
A co-production between WArd/waRD and Dansgroep Amsterdam, choreographed by Ann Van den Broek and Krisztina de Châtel, will have its world premiere in the Julidans Festival 2012.
Ann Van den Broek has been invited to make two guest choreographies: one for Tim Persent, a dancer working in The Netherlands who is celebrating an anniversary, and another for TsEKh in Moscow where she will work with Russian dancers and musicians.
Reprises of the productions Co(te)lette, I SOLO MENT, We Solo Men, Ohm and Q61.
The Co(te)lette Film – the film of the production of the same title, directed by the British film director Mike Figgis.

Do you want to receive information about WArd/waRD’s activities? Send your e-mail address to and we will send you regular updates.

June 25, 2011
The Co(te)lette Film won the ‘Best of Festival Award’ during the 10th annual Dance Camera West Festival in Los Angeles (USA), which took place 16 - 19 June 2011.

May 10, 2011
In June 2011 Ann will create a piece for the graduating students of the Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten. She will be assisted by one of her regular dancers of WArd/waRD, Dario Tortorelli. The première will take place on June 30 during the ITs Festival in Amsterdam. Extra performances will be held on July 2 and 3 July in the dance theater of the Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten.

May 9, 2011
The 30th anniversary of ccBerchem will be elebrated. One of the activities is an informal showing of the RESEARCH Period by WArd/waRD – Ann Van den Broek.

Over the past ten years Ann has developed a personal movement idiom, which combines minimal dance and theatrical elements to create a rhythmic, emotional movement style. Over time the use of voice, sound, decors, projections/film and live sound were given a more prominent role. To further develop the themes in her work (pain, grief, injustice, passion, lust and loneliness), Ann is going back into the studio with a few of the dancers, and Arne van Dongen (composer) and Bernie van Velzen (lighting design/video). During this research period all participants will focus more on improvisation, rhythmics and other forms of expression that can coalesce and at times contrast to form a whole with the existing movement idiom. On June 12 fragments and experiments that sprouted from this research will be shown. After the informal showing of this RESEARCH Period, there will be a Q&A with the artist. Snacks and drinks will be served.

April 5, 2011
The Co(te)lette Film of Ann Van den Broek en Mike Figgis has been selected for the Vision du Réel festival in Nyon, Switzerland. In The Co(te)lette Film three women dance in a rather intimate atmosphere, caught between desire and fulfillment. No confrontation, rivalry, story, solution or ending; the storyline in The Co(te)lette Film is restless and empty. The film will be screened twice, April 8th (L’Usine à Gaz, 10.30 pm) and April 12th (Capitole 1, 10.30 pm). The film will also be shown on June 18 at the Dance Camera West festival in Los Angeles, USA.

January 2011
The rehearsals of Q61 are in full swing. Q61 is a piece for six dancers and is an accumulation and culmination of earlier choreographies by Ann Van den Broek, such as FF+Rew 60, the award-winning Co(te)lette, I SOLO MENT and We Solo Men. With this piece Ann Van den Broek closes a period in which she explored extreme emotions like pain, lust, aggression and fear on stage. For Ann Van den Broek, Q61 is the final chapter in a series. It marks the end of a phase, but it is also the beginning of something new. As such it is an ideal moment to look back on and also to celebrate her ten years as a choreographer in her every own WArd/waRD. The première of Q61 will be on Friday, February 4th, and is the opening performance of both the renovated Korzo Theater in The Hague and the CaDance festival.

November 20, 2010
On Sunday, December 12, The Co(te)lette Film will have its Dutch première in the Cinedans Festival. It will be presented at 19:30 hrs. in the Rabozaal of the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam.

November 5, 2010
From November 7 till November 14 WArd/waRD will be in residence at the Künstlerhaus Mousonturm in Frankfurt, Germany. Ann Van den Broek was given the Mouson Award in January 2010. This includes a cash prize of 15,000 euro and the Künstlerhaus Mousonturm will also co-produce the new production, Q61. We are looking forward to a week of rehearsals on the premises of our German partner.

October 10, 2010
The past month(s) WArd/waRD has received grants from both the Vlaamse Gemeenschap (Flemish Community - B) and the Fonds voor de Podiumkunsten (Fund for the Performing Arts - NL). The Vlaamse Gemeenschap approved a grant for the project Q61. In October we also heard the news that WArd/waRD will once again receive a structural bi-annual subsidy from the Fonds voor de Podiumkunsten in the Netherlands. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who made this possible: you, the public, for your support and enthusiasm; our co-producers and boards; all our artistic collaborators and support team; and last but not least, our family and friends. These grants and subsidies make it possible for Ann Van den Broek and WArd/waRD to continue developing and presenting their work.

October 5, 2010
The Co(te)lette Film is British director Mike Figgis’ cinematographic adaptation of the dance performance by choreographer Ann Van den Broek. The obstinate film has been selected in the section ‘Belgian cinema today’ of the Film Festival in Ghent (Belgium). The world premiere will be on Tuesday, October 19 in the theatre hall of arts centre Vooruit and both director and choreographer will attend the film that day.

In The Co(te)lette Film, three female dancers are shown in a intimate atmosphere, in a chicken-and-egg situation between desire and satisfaction. There is no confrontation, nor rivalry. No story-telling, no solution and no ending. Co(te)lette’s story is restless and empty. The original performance has been awarded a Zwaan (Swan Award) for the most impressive dance production of the 2007/2008 season. The Swan Award is the most prestigious Dutch dance prize presented by the Dutch Association of Theatre and Concert Hall Directors.

The Co(te)lette Film is produced by Brussels-based production company Savage Film, the London-based Red Mullet, the Belgian/Dutch dance company WArd/waRD and Dutch broadcaster NTR and has been realized with the support of the Dutch Media Fund and the Flemish Audiovisual Fund. The Dutch premiere will take place on December 12, during the Cinedans festival in Amsterdam.

August 2010
During the 2010/2011 season WArd/waRD will be appearing on various (inter)national stages with five different productions: reprises of Co(te)lette, I SOLO MENT, We Solo Men and Ohm, and as of January 2011 with the new production, Q61. Furthermore, The Co(te)lette Film will have its world première. A film based on the production Co(te)lette, directed by British film director Mike Figgis.

January 29, 2010
Ann Van den Broek is the winner of the Mouson Award 2009/2010. The Mouson Award is initiated by the Künstlerhaus Mousonturm in Frankfurt (Germany). The prize is currently worth 15,000 euros that Ann Van den Broek will spend on her production Q61, which will premiere in February 2011.

Every two years an independent jury of experts presents the award of the Künstlerhaus Mousonturm to a group, company, choreographer or director for an exceptional artistic production that has performed in the Künstlerhaus Mousonturm. In this way the Künstlerhaus Mousonturm wants introduce the work of the laureate to a larger international audience.

This is what the jury say about Ann Van den Broek:
Ann van den Broek’s work is dedicated in a captivating way to contemporary behaviour patterns, but without resorting to major show effects or blatant statements. Although her pieces avoid virtually any form of judgement, appear distanced and cool, they manage to irritate viewers, causing muted shudders, but also amusement. In the end however, it always seems to be a vanitas theme that moves Anne van den Broek’s prosaically staged pieces: in light of transitory nature of life all is in vain.

December 8, 2009
Now available an unique We Solo Men t-shirt. For only € 12,00 it's yours. Click here for more information.

November 12, 2009

WArd/waRD now has its own fan page on Facebook. To find the page, search under 'WArd/waRD - Ann Van den Broek'.
There you will find the latest news, as well as tour dates, official photographs, behind-the-scenes and tour photos, and short video clips. You can also post comments or ask questions, which we will try to answer as soon as possible. Take a look and become a fan!

March 4, 2009
The NFPK+ (the Dutch Foundation for the Performing Arts) has given the green light to WArd/waRD’s grant proposal to create projects over a period of two years. Only five of the sixteen proposals were selected, including WArd/waRD’s. The selection committee had high praise for the quality of Ann Van den Broek’s work. "The committee knows Ann Van den Broek to be a very talented choreographer, who has built an impressive body of work in a relatively short time.” The committee also expressed its confidence in the artistic projects of the two-year plan: "The plan for 2009-2010 is clear; the different projects for this period are described in great detail and with conviction.”

The two-year subsidy will enable WArd/waRD to continue to develop its artistic repertoire and to consolidate its position in the Dutch and Flemish dance world.

March 2, 2009
The VSCD (Dutch Association of Theatre and Concert Hall Directors) has announced the first nominations for the Zwanen (Swans) 2009 and once again a WArd/waRD production, namely I SOLO MENT, has been nominated for Most Impressive Dance Production.
This is what the jury had to say about the piece: "I SOLO MENT is a tortured double solo. In a searing performance the two individuals, the excellent dancers Cecilia Moisio and Dario Tortorelli, expose their complex love for each other without ever touching. A startling choreography with a very powerful beginning."

This is the third year in a row that choreographer Ann Van den Broek of WArd/waRD has been nominated for the Zwaan (Swan) for Most Impressive Dance Production. In 2007 E19 (richting San José) was nominated and Co(te)lette in 2008 for which Van den Broek won the Zwaan (Swan).
The Zwanen (Swans) will be awarded at the Gala of Dutch Dance on October 10th, 2009, in the Theater aan het Vrijthof in Maastricht.

17 december 2008
Soon there will be AUDITIONS for male dancers for the new production of WArd/waRD - Ann Van den Broek. The first rounds are on sunday January 11 in The Hague and on monday January 19 in Antwerp. The call back is planned for monday January 26 and wednesday January 28, both times in Antwerp. Subscribe till January 8.

October 4, 2008

Ann Van den Broek won the prestigious Swan for Most Impressive Dance Production of the 2007/2008 season during the Nederlandse Dansdagen (the Dutch Dance Days). The Nederlandse Vereniging van Schouwburg- en Concertgebouwdirecties (Dutch Association of Theatre and Concert Hall Directors) gave her the award for her production Co(te)lette. Last season, Ann Van den Broek was also nominated for her production E19 (richting San José).

This is what the jury had to say about the production: "Co(te)lette is a remarkable and fascinating production in which the female body is dissected and analyzed with grueling determination and minimalistic precision. Three women – dancers Cecilia Moisio*, Theodossia Stathi and Judit Ruiz Onandi – create a loop of need and satisfaction, of desire and being desired. In a relentless stream of shaking, gyrating, pumping and panting flesh, Ann Van den Broek takes a critical look at female sexuality; full of personal desire, but also dictated by the desire of others. The repetition and the tight spatial variations result in abstract movements that have an alienating effect. With a style that she herself describes as 'emotional minimalism',
Ann Van den Broek has shown over the years that she is a unique and innovative choreographer. Co(te)lette is a high point in her oeuvre. It is a daring and vulnerable choreography: raw, confrontational and moving. So it is without reservation that the jury has labeled the work as ‘impressive’."

* also nominated for Best Dance Performance of the season for her work in Co(te)lette

May 2008
The Nederlands Fonds voor de Podiumkunsten (Dutch Performing Arts Fund) has recommended that the grant proposal for the new production I SOLO MENT be approved. The Belgian première is on September 18, 2008, in ccBe (Berchem, Antwerp). The Dutch première is in the Cadance Festival in The Hague (November 2008). The full tour dates will soon be posted on the Web site.

March 14, 2008
Co(te)lette will be performed on Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 April at the festival feSt in Sevilla (Spain).

February 18, 2008

The first nominations for the Swans 2008 have been announced. And like the year before WArd/waRD was once again received two important nominations. Co(te)lette is nominated for ‘most impressive dance production’ and Cecilia Moisio is nominated for ‘most impressive achievement in dance’.

This is what the jury has to say about Co(te)lette: "A remarkable and fascinating production in which the female body is dissected and analyzed with excruciating determination and minimalist precision. Like no other contemporary choreographer, Ann Van den Broek proves that conceptuality does not necessarily exclude a unique and varied dance idiom."

Cecilia Moisio is nominated for her role in Co(te)lette. "Cecilia Moisio is a powerful dancer. Her intensely physical achievement in Co(te)lette is sensational and courageous. In her performance she displays a broad and rich command of the physical material, which walks the line between pure daring and subtle eroticism", according to the jury.

The winners of the Swans will be announced during the Gala of Dutch Dance, which will take place in early October at the Theater aan het Vrijthof in Maastricht.

December 10, 2007
Co(te)lette is selected for the DansClick 2008/2009. Beside Co(te)lette, some thirty theater programmers have also selected the production Odd by Pia Meuthen, Couple-like by Keren Levi and Ugo Dehaes, and Small Hour by Václav Kune. Through DansClick, Co(te)lette will go on an extensive tour of 29 theaters in the Netherlands in the spring of 2008.

November 1, 2007

There are extra performances planned of Co(te)lette. On Saturday, November 10 the company will be performing Co(te)lette at the 11th International Dance Theaters Festival in Lublin, Poland. And on Sunday, January 27, 2008, Co(te)lette will return to Antwerp for the Amperdans Festival. The performance can be seen in the ccBe at 3:00 p.m. For more information about the festivals please go to the websites of the International Dance Theaters Festival in Lublin and Amperdans.

July 16, 2007

The chairperson of the Dance Jury of the VSCD (the Association of Theatre and Concert Hall Directors) has announced the last nominations for the Zwanen (the Swan Prizes): dancer Cecilia Moisio was nominated in the category 'most impressive achievement in dance’ for her performance in E19 (richting San José), and E19 (richting San José) by Ann Van den Broek was nominated for 'most impressive dance production'.

The jury wrote about Cecilia Moisio: “She is the natural leader of the group: she initiates the movements, she decides the focal points by which she gives direction to the search that characterizes E19 (richting San José). She does this in an almost nonchalant, yet very convincing, manner.”

About the nomination of E19 (richting San José), the jury wrote: "E19 is the work of a highly original choreographer. Ann Van den Broek alternates casually and naturally between minimal dance episodes and very theatrical ones, and knows how to captivate the audience emotionally and esthetically. The dance idiom is powerful and original. The images of man at the crossroads, breathing in air and sounds as if everything the world has to offer is contained in them, are etched in the brain".

The Zwanen (the Swan Prizes) will be award on Friday, October 5, 2007, during the Nederlandse Dansdagen (Dutch Dance Days) in Maastricht.