Production WArd/waRD in association with COVER#2, 2010. Choreography Ann Van den Broek.

Rest Room
Co-production of Danswerkplaats Amsterdam and vzw WArd/waRD, 2003. Choreography Ann Van den Broek and Einat Tuchman.

FF+Rew solo version
WArd/waRD Production, 2003. Choreography Ann Van den Broek.

Quartet with One
WArd/waRD Production, in co produced by Korzo Productions, 2002. Choreography Ann Van den Broek.

Any Way The Wind Blows
Film by Tom Barman, 2002.

Ideal Crash Tour
dEUS, 1999.

Charleroi/Danses - Plan K, Charleroi
1998 - 2000, artistic director Fréderic Flamand.

Galili Dance, Groningen
January t/m April 1998, artistic director Itzik Galili.

Dansgroep Krisztina de Châtel, Amsterdam
1991 - 1997, artistic director Krisztina de Châtel,
guestchoreographers Kevin Wynn, Connie Janssen, Paul Selwyn Norton. Nominated for the Zilveren Theaterdansprijs (Silver Dance Prize) in 1996, for 'Solo IV' a choreography of Krisztina de Châtel.

The World Upside Down
Fall 1990, co-production of The Elisa Monte Dance Company (New York) and Gastprogrammering Het Muziektheater Amsterdam, 1990.

Danceproduction of and with Wies Merkxs and Charles Corneille, 1990.

De zomer van 1945
VPRO, 1990.