Das Blaue

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Das Blaue
Das Blaue is a creation that Ann made as guest choreographer for the dance ensemble of the Oldenburgisches Staatstheater in Oldenburg (GER). Das Blaue is inspired by an ice hotel and is situated in a hotel lobby. It is a meeting place for people, mostly impersonal, which can give an uncomfortable feeling. One does not know where the encounters start or end. In this cold room the dancers circulate individually in their own time pattern, with their own memories of experienced situations that come up and fade away again. One sees 11 individuals passing each other, alone with a yearning for contact and eventually warmth.

The music composition was elaborated by Arne Van Dongen and is built around the song ‘The Slow Drug’ by PJ Harvey. In this performance live sounds are integrated into the music composition.

choreography  Ann Van den Broek
dance  Felix Berner, Pin-Chieh Chen, Alessandra Corti, Miquel G. Font, Ruben Albelda Giner, Rober Gomez, Gili Goverman, Vivienne Hötger, Cordelia Lange, Marin Lemic, Antonia Zagel
music composition  Arne Van Dongen
stage design   Brix Quellmalz
light design  Philipp Wiechert
assistant choreographer  Jan Deboom
photography  Andreas J. Etter
premiere  16 December 2012, Oldenburgisches Staatstheater, Oldenburg (GER)

Das Blaue is a coproduction by the Oldenburgisches Staatstheater (GER) and WArd/waRD.

  Tour 2012
16 December Oldenburgische Staatstheater, Oldenburg (GER), premiere
19 December Oldenburgische Staatstheater, Oldenburg (GER)
22 December Oldenburgische Staatstheater, Oldenburg (GER)
  Tour 2013
3 January Oldenburgische Staatstheater, Oldenburg (GER)
5 January Oldenburgische Staatstheater, Oldenburg (GER)
12 January Oldenburgische Staatstheater, Oldenburg (GER)
14 January Oldenburgische Staatstheater, Oldenburg (GER)
6 February Theater Bremen, Bremen (GER)
21 February Theater Bremen, Bremen (GER)
28 February Theater Bremen, Bremen (GER)