In Russian, Kamepa is pronounced ‘camera’, though it means ‘cell’. Ann Van den Broek was invited by dance organisation TsEKh in Moscow to create a performance.

She took her powerful minimalistic movement style to Russia and made a new piece with seven dancers. A Russian guitarist, coached by composer Arne van Dongen, accompanies the performance. The seven dancers are locked up; a sense of oppression is never far away. At the same time they feel watched, as if a camera is recording their every move. Something is brewing. The abstract movements seem commonplace and vice versa, but the restrained emotions seep out on all sides. Daring, vulnerable, and compelling.

choreography  Ann Van den Broek
dance   Stas Schmelin, Aleksandra Rudik, Ilya Schaburov, Polina Pschindina, Ilya Nikurov, Irina Lobkova, Roman Andreikin
music composition  Arne Van Dongen
live guitar  Gennadij Lavrentjev
rehearsal director/assistant choreographer   Dario Tortorelli, Judit Ruiz Onandi
photography  Rust2D
premiere  26 May 2012, Aktovy Zal Theater, Moskou (RU)

Kamepa is a production by TsEKh (RU), Balet Moskva (RU) in coproduction with WArd/waRD.

26 May Aktovy Zal Theater, Moscow (RU), premiere
27 May Aktovy Zal Theater, Moscow (RU)
30 May Kostruma (RU)
31 May Kostruma (RU)
  Tour 2013
26 January Theater aan het Spui, The Hague (NL)
27 January Theater aan het Spui, The Hague (NL)