Pharing the Pain

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Phrasing the Pain
Phrasing the Pain is a group piece based on an original movement phrase, the pain phrase, used in the production I SOLO MENT (2008). This movement phrase originally sprung forth from the feelings of pain and sadness one feels after losing a loved one, a friend, a parent, a child, etc. All the movements came out of these feelings, not one movement was gratuitous. This pain phrase is the basis of a constantly repetitive and rhythmic choreography.

The people in Phrasing the Pain express, relive and grapple with their rage, aggression, desperation, pride and, literally, their pain for audiences and the outside world to see. A compelling, transforming, emotional, and rhythmic choreography.

“Sorrow melting into anger, the inner layers of our soul turning denser and darker. For this darkness to cross the demarcation line between the stage and the auditorium, it needs to be genuinely lived through. The two main protagonists of the company, Natasa NovotnŠ and VŠclav Kunes indeed succeed in this quest. They lure our vision as magnets. We see them in roles so far unrevealed to us, roles that are none the less than freezing. (...) It is obvious that the endless hours of rehearsing have paid off: the two can virtually emanate the newly found emotions through their skins. (...) Transformation of characters, their inner selves stripped to the bones. So much as to suggest that the protagonists at the end of the piece are galaxies far away from those at the beginning.” (Dance Zone magazine Prague)

“Most demanding, probably causing more of psychic exhaustion than the physical, this piece sees all of the performers at their best. The analysis of inner suffering goes to the core. Either you indulge in empathy with the protagonists or you revel in the wide scale of forms of inner concentration, energy and dynamics of motion, all of them transforming every single minute. Quite naturally, emotions are a matter of individuality, aren't they. Phrasing the Pain is a probe exploring a single issue. And that is precisely what makes it strong, despite all of its abstractness.” (Opera Plus)

choreography  Ann Van den Broek
dance  Sylva Necasová, Natasa Novotná, Ombline Noyer, Václav Kunes, Milan Odstrcil, Stepán Pechar, Sasa Volný
music  Arne van Dongen, Nick Cave en The Bad Seeds
lighting design  Ann Van den Broek, Adam Uzelac
rehearsal director/assistant choreographer   Cecilia Moisio, Jan Deboom
photography  Pavel Hejnyý
premiere  14 December 2014, Archa Theatre, Praag (CZ)

Phrasing the Pain is a coproduction by 420PEOPLE (CZ), Archa Theatre(CZ) and WArd/waRD.

  Tour 2014
11 December Archa Theatre, Praag (CZ), try-out
12 December Archa Theatre, Praag (CZ), try-out
13 December Archa Theatre, Praag (CZ), try-out
14 December Archa Theatre, Praag (CZ), premiere
  Tour 2015
8 February Archa Theatre, Praag (CZ)
9 February Archa Theatre, Praag (CZ)
11 April Archa Theatre, Praag (CZ)
29 May Archa Theatre, Praag (CZ)
27 June Archa Theatre, Praag (CZ)
14 October Archa Theatre, Praag (CZ)
11 November Festival Tsjekk it Out, Bergen (NO)
  Tour 2016
3 April Korzo theater, The Hague (NL)