Protect/perform   Book Protect/perform
Protect/perform looks over a period of fifteen years in the development of Ann Van den Broek’s artistic career from modern dancer to renowned choreographer of award-winning dance productions. Based on conversations with author Marcelle Schots, reflections and many never-before-published photographs, it sheds light on the context that inspired Van den Broek to create her body of work.

Title Protect/perform
Subtitle On the work of | Over het werk van Ann Van den Broek - WArd/waRD
Format 17 x 24 cm
Pages 160
Binding softcover, premium stitched
Languages English & Dutch
Price € 27,50 (plus postage)

Protect/perform is for sale at the performances or can be ordered by sending an email to
CD The Red Pice CD The Red Piece
The music of The Red Piece, specially composed by the Belgian band Dez Mona is released on CD. One can hear pure passion, in various tones, in the extraordinary voice of Gregory Frateur. Newspaper Trouw about the music: “The songs by Gregory Frateur give The Red Piece its soul. Love is sacred fire, is to understand his words but also an emotion that is unpredictable and therefore feared.”

The CD is on sale after every performance and at concerts of Dez Mona.
Support WArd/waRD by purchasing unique crocheted items
After the performances of The Red Piece you can purchase crocheted items that were made by the dancers and Ann Van den Broek during the creation. Support WArd/waRD and buy a unique bracelet and/or necklace with a label of the maker attached to it for only €5,- or more.
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