Ann Van den Broek - general and artistic director
Cecilia Moisio - dancer/performer
Judit Ruiz Onandi - dancer/performer
Dario Tortorelli - dancer/performer
Andreas Kuck - dancer/performer
Jan Deboom - dancer/performer
Pin-Chieh Chen - danser/performer
Davide Pietro Cocchiara - danser/performer
Francesca Monti - danser/performer
Frauke Mariën - dancer/performer
Louis Combeaud - dancer/performer
Pol Van den Broek - dancer/performer
Ferhat Günes - dancer/performer
Jan Martens - dancer/performer
Emma Seresia - dancer/performer
Lie Antonissen - dancer/performer
Estelle Delcambre - dancer/performer
Theodossia Stathi - dancer/performer
Arne van Dongen - composer
Rex Lobo - musician/composer


  Ann Van den Broek - general and artistic director
Ann Van den Broek was born on the 17th of December 1970 in Antwerp (Wilrijk). She studied for dancer at the Rotterdamse Dansacademie (CODARTS), where she graduated in June 1991. After working for ten years as a dancer at diverse danscompanies she decided to dedicate herself developing her choreographic work (December 2000). She did this under the umbrella of her own organisation WArd/waRD vzw (B). From untill 2008 she also founded a Dutch WArd/waRD (Stichting WArd/waRD). So now Ann runs this Dutch/Flemish organisation as the general manager and artistic leader, as she also is the choreographer of all the performances that were produced untill now within WArd/waRD. For more information about Ann’s biography and CV, see further on, on this website.

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  Cecilia Moisio - dancer/performer
Cecilia Moisio was born in 1978 in Finland. In 1997 she moved to the Netherlands in order to attend the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten (Academy for the Arts) in Amsterdam – she graduated in 2001. After her studies Cecilia did an internship at Dansgroep Krisztina de Châtel and became a full-fledged member of the company in 2001. There she has worked with artists such as Marina Abramovic and Armando, and danced in productions by Kristina de Châtel and invited choreographers such as Neel Verdoorn (NL), Ann Van den Broek (B), Sjoerd Vreugdenhil (NL), Mauricio de Oliveira (Brazil) and the Compagnie Salia nï Seydou (Burkina Faso). She has become one of the leading modern dancers in the Netherlands. Cecilia first worked with Ann in the piece FF+Rew that she made for Dansgroep Krisztina de Châtel.

In 2006 Cecilia decided to become a freelance dancer and since then she has worked with Karin Post (NL), Dylan Newcomb (VS/NL) and theater company Stella Den Haag.

She worked also togheter with Ann in FF+Rew 60:00, E19 (richting San José), Co(te)lette, I SOLO MENT, We Solo Men, Ohm, The Co(te)lette Film, Q61, LIstEn & See and Domestica. She also works as an assistent of Ann in studying repertoire, workshops and dancelessons. In the Netherlands she was nominated ‘as most impressive performer’ for E19 (richting San José) and Co(te)lette by the VSCD Dance Prizes.

Nowadays she also creates her own work and works as a dance teacher and rehearsal director.

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  Judit Ruiz Onandi – dancer/performer
Judit was born in Bilbao (Spain) on 29 January 1978. In 1994 she started her professional dance studies at the Music and Dance Conservatoire of San Sebastian (Spain) where she obtained the classical ballet diploma, with the maximum qualification, in 1997. Almost simultaneously to this study, she also started studying Telecommunications-engineering at the University of the Bask Country in 1996 and graduated in 2003.

After her studies, Judit obtained several grants that allowed her to enlarged her knowledge of dance in Madrid (Carmen Roche and Carmen Serna Schools), in the Choreographic Center of Valencia, in the International Dance Center Rosella Hightower in Cannes and in Brussels (La Raffinerie - Centre Choréographique de la Communauté Française Wallonie-Bruxelles) among others.
She worked as dancer and choreographer in Spain as well as teaching classical ballet from beginners to advance level and contemporary dance. She also teaches contemporary dance and classical ballet in Antwerp and Ghent. In Brussels she worked with Matteo Moles.

For WArd/waRD - Ann Van den Broek she has been dancing since 2005, in the productions FF+Rew 60:00, Co(te)lette, We Solo Men, Ohm, The Co(te)lette Film, Q61 and LIstEn & See. She also works as an assistent of Ann in studying repertoire, workshops and dancelessons.

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  Dario Tortorelli – dancer/performer
Dario Tortorelli was born in 1977 in Castellaneta, Italy. He graduated as a dancer and teacher of the Enrico Cecchetti method in 1995 from the Brenda Hamlyn School in Florence. That same year he started his professional career as a dancer at the Jeune Ballet International Rosella Hightower in Cannes.

In 1997 he joined as a soloist the Ballet de L’Opera de Nice and worked with various choreographers (Marc Ribaud, Myriam Naisy, John Cranko, Robert North, Nils Christe, Youri Vamos, Eleonora Gori, Hodre Hector). For this company Dario created his first choreography, Assise.

In 2001 he moved to the Netherlands to work for Introdans dance company where he danced pieces by David Parsons, Twyla Tharp, Adam Hugland, Jorma Uotinen, Ed Wubbe, Heinz Spoerli, Renato Zanella, Nicolas Musin, Nacho Duato, Hans van Manen, Ton Wiggers, Marise Delante, Lindsay Kemp, and Nils Christe.

Since August 2004 he started to work as a freelance dancer for different dance projects in the Netherlands. He worked with Jaakko Toivonen, Sara Lourenco, Lucinda Childs, Bruno Listopad and has danced in several productions of Conny Janssen Danst. Next to his career as a dancer, he also started creating his on work (among others in his own DivenD). Most recently he has created a short solo Romeo Heart for Dansateliers. Furthermore, he is also active as a dance teacher and rehearsal director.

In 2006 he worked for the first time with Ann Van den Broek in the production E19 (richting San José) and continued working with Ann for I SOLO MENT, We Solo Men, Q61, LIstEn & See and Q61 Cemetry.

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  Andreas Kuck – dancer/performer
Andreas Kuck was born 1978 Germany (Hamburg). He studied at the Lola - Rogge school in Hamburg to become a teacher of dance, and graduated in1999. In October 1999 he moved to Rotterdam to study at the Rottterdamse Dance Academy (Codarts) and graduated in 2001.

From 2001 until 2007 he worked as a professional dancer for dansgroup Krisztina De Châtel and worked in this years for choreographers as Krisztina de Châtel, Jack Gallagher, Neel Verdoorn, Inari Salmivaara, Mauricio De Olivera, Marina Abramovic and more.

Since April 2007 he decided to work as a freelance dancer, teacher and rehearsal Director for Krisztina de Châtel, Jens Van Daele, Neel Verdoorn, Suzy Block, Cecilia Moisio. He created for the program Amai (De Châtel): watch me if you can... (NL) and for the Tanzempore in Hamburg: on the search (D). Next to this he colaborated with visual artist Bogomir Doringer: Deranged (NL).

He is teaching as a guestteacher in: Rotterdam, Hamburg, Berlin, New York, Korea, Bremen and more.

He joined WArd/waRD - Ann van den Broek in 2009 and has been dancing in the production We Solo Men, Q61, LIstEn & See, Domestica, The Red Piece, Q61 Cemetry and The Black Piece. In June 2010 he assisted Ann van den Broek with the piece E, created for students of Artez Danceac Ademy in Arnhem (Mixed Emotions project).

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  Jan Deboom – dancer/performer
Jan was born in Belgium (1982). In his childhood he was already occupied with music; he studied for seven years at the Urban Academy for Word, Music and Dance, and made a lot of music with his friends.

In 2006 he graduated with highest award and got a Master degree in physical education. During this education he connected with dance for the first time. (his graduation was with specialization in dance and lower back).

His interest in physical movement and dance as a specific form, lead him into the professional danceworld. In 2010 Jan graduated with highest award at the Royal Conservatorium for Dance (Lier).

The production We Solo Men of Ann Van den Broek was his traineeship, with performances in Belgium, the Netherlands and abroad. Later on Jan is also involved in other productions, such as Ohm (understudy), We Solo Men, Q61, LIstEn & See, The Red Piece, Q61 Cemetry and The Black Piece.

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Pin-Chieh Chen
Pin-Chieh Chen was born in Taiwan. In 2004 she graduated from the Folkwang Hochschule in Essen. Subsequently she performed in two choreographies by Pina Bausch at Tanztheater Wuppertal. In the years that followed she worked at various companies, including the Oldenburgisches Staatstheater (DE) where she danced in Das Blaue, a guest choreography that Ann Van den Broek created for the Oldenburgisches Staatstheater. At WArd/waRD she performed in The Red Piece and The Black Piece.

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Davide   Davide Pietro Cocchiara
Davide was born in Italy. He studied modern dance, classical ballet and improvisation at the Movimento Danza in Naples (IT). He won a scholarship to the Balleto di Torino and attended a great number of workshops by well-known choreographers. Then he decided to continue his dance studies at Codarts Rotterdam.

Davide worked as a dancer at several companies, including Noord Nederlandse Dans and Dansgroep Amsterdam. He also performed in the choreography Domestica by Ann Van den Broek and Krisztina de Châtel. At WArd/waRD he dances in Ohm and The Red Piece. In 2013 he won the Dans Publieksprijs (Audience Dance Prize) for Best Dancer of the Year for his performance in The Red Piece. Aside for his work as a dancer, he is also a dance critic for the magazine Dance Europe.

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Francesca   Francesca Monti
Francesca was born in Italy in 1984. She studied dance at the Rotterdam Dance Academy (Codarts) and has done internships with the Magpie Music Dance Company, Annabelle Lopez Ochoa, Glenn Van der Hoff and Marjon van Grunsven.

After completing her study, she was a dancer at Dansgroep Krisztina de Châtel from 2006 through 2008, and from 2009 through 2012 at Dansgroep Amsterdam. At these companies she worked with Krisztina de Châtel, and had the opportunity of working with many other choreographers such as Itzik Galili, Andonis Foniadakis, Michael Schumacher, Giulia Moreddu, Ederson Xavier, White Horse, Jussi Nousiainen, Michele Pogliani and Stephen Shropshire.

These past years she has assisted choreographers like Krisztina de Châtel and Andonis Foniadakis, and she has also been teaching amateurs and professionals. She has been a dancer at WArd/waRD since 2013 and is a performer in The Red Piece, Co(te)lette, Q61 Cemetery and The Black Piece.

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  Frauke Mariën – dancer/performer
Though Frauke Mariën (1982, Belgium) feels more a dancer than a musician, she is at home in both worlds. She studied at P.A.R.T.S., Brussels (2000-2004) and afterwards went to the Conservatory of Antwerp for the oboe and the violin. Since then she’s working freelance – sometimes purely as a dancer, sometimes in productions mixing theatre, dance and music – for companies such as Cie Mossoux-Bonté, Barre Weldaad, Cie, Raamtheater, Zuiderpershuis, André Gingras & Angélique Willkie and William Forsythe for his installation Human writes. Since one year she is also into aerial dancing, working for Cie 9.81 and Cie in-SENSO.

As a part of the Rabbit Hole Collective Frauke co-created the performance Hopscotch. She also made some solowork and choreographies for de Eilandverkaveling, DansCie Lune, Musica and Dansstudio Arabesque. This year she’s co-making a performance for Artforum.

She performed as a dancer for Ann Van den Broek’s production FF+Rew 60:00, Co(te)lette (from 2010), The Co(te)lette Film, Q61, Q61 Cemetry and The Black Piece.

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Louis Combeaud   Louis Combeaud – dancer/performer
Louis Combeaud was born in 1984 in Bordeaux (France). He studied law at Université Montesquieu - Bordeaux IV. His dance education started at Coline Compagny in Marseille and he completed his parcours at P.A.R.T.S. from 2008- 2010 with a training cycle and from 2010-2012 with a research cycle.

He danced in Iceland New Standards of Living from Vedis Kiartansdöttir, Inga Huld and Simon Portigal. For Charleroi Danses he worked with Pierre Droulers in a creation called Soleils. He is performing Siwa from choreographer Michel Kéléménis (Marseille), as well as the Re: Zeitung project from Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker.

In 2014 he joined Ward/waRD for the creation of The Black Piece and the tour of We Solo Men.

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Pol Pol Van den Broek - dancer / performer
Pol Van den Broek was born in 1989 in Belgium. He studied at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp and graduated in 2012. During his studies he did an internship at Het Paleis and danced in the productions DODO Groot by Dimitri Leue (2011) and in Everland by fABULEUS. He also performed in Venn, the graduation project based on the repertoire of Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui.

When he completed his studies at the Royal Conservatory, he attended P.A.R.T.S. for one year. After that he has worked with Tuur Marinus (The Workshop & Still Animals) and Theater Tol. At WArd/waRD he is currently performing in The Red Piece, We Solo Men and Q61 Cemetery.

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Ferhat Ferhat Günes - dancer / performer
Ferhat was born on the 7th May 1988 in Turkey. After his training in Traditional Folk Dances he taught Traditional Dances at Primary schools. He started to work as a professional dancer in Shaman Dance Theatre in 2009-2010. He studied in Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Conservatorium Contemporary Dance department and graduates in 2015.

The Black Piece of Ann Van den Broek is his internship.

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  Jan Martens – dancer/performer
Jan Martens (Belgium, 1984) graduated at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp in 2006, and studied before at the Fontys dance academy in Tilburg. As a dancer he performed in the work of United-C, Koen De Preter and Goele Van Dijck.

Recently he created Speeltijd, a dancetheatre production for a young audience for the company Nat Gras, and i can ride a horse whilst juggling so marry me, a choreography for five young women.

He worked for the first time with Ann Van den Broek in We Solo Men, and is also performing in Ohm.

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  Emma Seresia – dancer/performer
Emma was born in Belgium in Dendermonde. She got her education at Dé!kunsthumaniora hedendaagse dans, where she worked with Amos Ben Tal, Katia Pire, Guy Pauwels and Sandra Dehertogh. After this she studied at the Royal Conservatorium for Dance (Artesis University in Antwerp), where she danced in choreographies of Marc Vanrunxt, Helma Melis, Ciro Carcatella, Lisbeth Gruwez, Theresa Ranieri, TRASH, Karel Tuytschaever, Filip Van Huffel, Piet Rogie. She did her final exam with a soloversion of FF+Rew 60:00 from Ann Van den Broek.

In WArd/waRD she danced in 2010 in The Co(te)lette Film. In the season 2010-2011 she will be connected as an understudy for several productions of WArd/waRD.

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  Lie Antonissen – danser/performer
Lie Antonissen was born in 1979, in Parafuso-Camaçari, Brazil. In 2004 she graduated with honors (cum laude) from the Theater Dance Department of the Fontys Academy (Tilburg, NL).

Since her graduation she has worked as a freelance dancer for the Dutch company T.R.A.S.H. (Kristel van Issum), United-C (Maarten van der Put and Pauline Roelants), Magnus (Tom Barman and CJ Boland), WArd/waRD (Ann Van den Broek) and Troubleyn, the company of Jan Fabre.
Over the last two years she has performed in Belgium, Germany, Austria and Lithuania in the following productions by Jan Fabre: Requiem für eine Metamorphose and I’m a Mistake.

She worked with Ann Van den Broek for: FF+Rew, FF+Rew 60:00 and E19 (richting San José). In 2008 she temporary replaced one of the original dancers of Co(te)lette. In The Co(te)lette Film she is a ‘special exta’.

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  Estelle Delcambre – dancer/performer
Estelle Delcambre (Belgian, born 15 november 1983 in Beloeil), studied dance in the CNDC (National Contemporary Dance Center) in Angers, France, where she graduated in 2003. Since then she worked in various projects with Nathalie Béasse, David Hernandez, la cie des Septs Mers, Co. Osteorock and Jens Van Daele.
In 2006, Estelle made a choreography with children for Milles artistes en herbes in Péruwelz.

She joined Ann Van den Broek - WArd/waRD for the productions FF+Rew 60:00 and E19 (riching San José).

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  Theodossia Stathi – danser/performer
Theodossia Stathi studied dance in Athens, in Arnhem, at the European Dance Development Center, and at PARTS graduating in 2006 after completing the 4-year program.

In 2005 she attended an intensive Yoga teachers training course in India, from where she got certified in Ashtanga Yoga. She is currently following a 3-year teachers training course in Iyengar Yoga, which will be concluded in 2008. She has given classes for Michéle Noiret Dance Company and for ROSAS and she is regularly teaching in Belgium and Greece.
In 2006 she participated in Deborah Hay’s Solo Performance Commissioning Project at the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland.
She performed the solo News, choreographed by Deborah Hay.

In 2007 she danced in Co(te)lette.

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  Arne Van Dongen - composer
Started out playing the drums, then took up the double bass; he was classically trained at the conservatories in Brussels and Antwerp. Won first prizes in double bass, harmony and music history.

Freelance double-bass player with the Muntschouwburg orchestra, the Flemish Opera and the Philharmonic Orchestra of Flanders, the Nieuw Sinfonietta chamber orchestra in Amsterdam, the Australian Chamber Orchestra to name a few, and ensembles such as Oxalys and Champ d’action.
Active involved in music improvisation since the summer of 1997 with artists such as Barre Phillips, Joëlle Léandre, Gerri Hemmingway, Erik Vermeulen, Peter Kowald, Anthony Coleman and Maggie Nicols.

Participated in different music-theater productions such as Muziek Lod with Dick Van der Harst, and Woody with Jan De Smet (with music by Woody Guthrie).

From September 2000 to September 2002, he was the artistic coordinator for the chamber music ensemble Oxalys.

Played and/or plays the double bass with Olla Vogala, Panta Rhei, Willem Vermandere, Aywa (an encounter between Moroccan Berbers and a European group led by Luc Mishalle), Trio with Steve Houben and Luc Pilaertz, Violon Nomade, H.T. Roberts, Hotel Terminus...
As freelance bassist he was involved in projects with people like Kris Defoort, Koen De Cauter, Didier Laloy, Wouter Vandenabeele, Ialma, Lais, Perry Rose, Wannes Van de Velde, Bram Vermeulen, Osama Abdulrasol, Gabriel Yacoub, Ambrozijn, Dazibao, Jan De Smet, Guido Belcanto, Melike Tarhan...

A self-made solo for double bass and live electronics was performed at festivals such as Recyclart (Brussels), Happy New Ears (Kortrijk), Nachten (Antwerp) and Spinrag (a children’s festival by Musica). As a composer he’s created music for Oxalys, Steve Houben en Panta Rhei.

He has composed the music for the following productions by choreographer Ann Van den Broek: FF+Rew:60, Co(te)lette, I SOLO MENT and We Solo Men, Ohm, Q61, LIstEn & See, Solo for Tim, Kamepa, Domestica, Q61 Cemetry and The Black Piece.

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  Rex Lobo – musician/composer
Rex Lobo was born in Bombay, India on September 30, 1950 in an area that was part Indian, part English and part Portuguese. Rex started studying the piano at the age of eight. In 1971 he was made a Fellow of the Trinity College of Music in London. After that he completed his university education and received became a Doctor of Philosophy at Hull (UK). Of the two directions, he ended up choosing music; more specifically the music of dance. He has been living in Amsterdam since 1980 and has worked for the Cunningham Dance Company, Dansproduktie and has a member of Dansgroep Krisztina de Châtel for many years. He has also been the regular pianist for the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten (Academy for the Arts) in Amsterdam.

Rex was the live pianist in Ann Van den Broek’s solo productions Annexe (2001), Hurry up, please…it’s time (2001) and in the dance duet Quartet with One (2002), for which he also created the music composition with percussionist Yvon Plouffe.

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